Recipes & dessert ideas

While we almost exclusively deal in deserts, you have to make sure there’s going to be something to wash it down with. So we decided to share this fantastic recipe with you for cake batter milkshake. It doesn’t require any baking, can be made quickly and tastes incredible.


If you can make it as well as we do, then maybe we should panic a little. Here is how to make it:
Get vanilla ice cream, a pint of milk and cake mix. Now if you don’t know how to make cake mix, we will allow you to cheat and simply use one of these ‘just add water’ cake mix powder packets.


Put all the ingredients in to a blender until you’ve enough to make two cups. Blend it up until it’s smooth. Usually I would hold off on pouring in all the milk to see what consistency the milk will be, before adding it in a little bit more at a time. Pour in to a glass and viola, you have your milkshake.

Ice Cream Cake

Here in the kitchen where we source our ingredients is incredibly important. Everything from the flour that makes the batter to the sugar we have on the icing is important to us. One recent recipe seen us go all the way to Devon to get the perfect ingredient for an ice cream cake.

Everyone loves Ice cream, but putting the supermarket stuff in an ice cream cake is like putting an A* star cake with a B+ filling. We found out about an ice cream maker named Otter Valley ear Newton Abbot who has been making the smoothest vanilla for years now. This is important because when using ice cream in a cake, the temperature is prone to fluctuating a few degrees, making the ice cream have a hard time of staying in place. The ice cream we used was perfect for binding to crumbs and even after sitting at room temperature for half an hour, a slice still held its shape perfectly.

Thanks to Fulfords for pointing out where Otter Valley was on our recent trip down to the coast. if you're ever lost in Devon and need a home, this web link to Newton Abbot estate agents will definitely come in handy.